A little Whimsy in the Kitchen is a lot of WOW on the plate

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The First Cook

As a young adult, I got to be known as a cook among my friends, most of whom were still zapping a Lean Cuisine for dinner or eating the free snacks during happy hour to suffice as dinner. People started calling to ask me questions about cooking. I didn’t always feel qualified to give instruction, but when my best friend Cynthia called one night and said, “How do I bake a pototo?” I realized I must be farther along than my peers in the kitchen.

Just Ask Me!

Often questions, not food related, would follow. I don’t know why. I don’t know that I have particularly good advice, but I would get asked a lot. So whether it’s how long to cook a turkey or how to talk to your workmate about using your favorite pen, JUST ASK ME!

All that being said:

Ask Adrienne!

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