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Wanna Get Lucky On New Years Day? A Southerner’s Secrets!

Southerners Believe in Tradition So many fun and wonderful traditions are observed around the family table during this magical holiday season time, beginning with Thanksgiving turkey right through Christmas eggnog, but don’t forget the equally important culinary traditions of the New Year. Cultures from around […]


TEN SECRET TOOLS FROM CHEF’S KITCHENS (and why you need them!) TOOLS OF THE TRADE There are ten or more SECRET tools in a chef’s kitchen, things that help turn everyday ingredients to extraordinary. Every successful craftsman has their own tools – their “tools of […]


Think about this – kids born now, in 2017, will never know anything but a world filled with digital and computerized equipment. Chances are they will never see a VCR player, a car without GPS, or the old favorite, a flip phone. I mean: Who […]

The Cutest Unique Holiday Collectibles

The Cutest Unique Holiday Collectibles

ABSOLUTELY THE CUTEST AND MOST UNIQUE HOLIDAY COLLECTIBLES Although I usually blog about food, I had to take the time to show these knocked-out collectibles for those who love Ghosts and Goblins or Santas and Nativity Scenes. A local craftswoman found an amazing and unbelievable […]

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Halloween as Big Business Halloween is right around the corner and it seems like every store shelf is filled with orange and black displays, huge selections of costumes from bloody rubber masks to the every Disney princess imaginable.  You can find almost all […]

Tantalizing Tomatoes

Tantalizing Tomatoes

Tantalizing Tomatoes As summer brings the bountiful abundance of home gardens and farmers markets, nothing is more sought after than “homegrown” tomatoes. Succulent, sweet, juicy and delicious, this treat is anxiously anticipated throughout the long winter months when less flavorful hothouse versions top salads and […]

Apple Cider Vinegar can Keep You Healthier!

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a raw and unfiltered type of vinegar, which is how it gets its darker amber color. It has been used through the centuries as a treatment for hundreds of uses for everything from […]

Health Benefit of Lemon Water

Bottled water, spring water, vitamin water, tap water. Although it’s always been good for you, there is now a massive marketing push to make sure you know what you are missing.

How To Grow Herbs

HERBS The Spice of Life Learning how to grow herbs for use in cooking or other uses is a fun past time. The use of herbs in cooking goes back thousands of years, so it seems that a practice that has weathered this eternal test […]


OR “THE NIGHT I MADE YOU DINNER” First, let me make it clear that I am not comparing myself to Jesus nor can I perform miracles (although I did cook a whole Christmas brunch once – including a quiche – on a barbeque grill.) This […]